February 6, 2004  




Teytelman, Dmitry (ARDA), the DPB 2004 Doctoral Research Award, for his dissertation "Architectures and Algorithms for Control and Diagnostics of Coupled-Bunch Instabilities in Circular Accelerators."

Service Awards

5 Years

Bholat, Hanif (ACC), 2/08

10 Years

Jeglum, David (SEM), 2/01

Moore, Craig (SCS), 2/01

Jessop, Colin (EC), 2/01

Bellomo, Paul (ESD), 2/14

Nosochkov, Yuri (ARDA), 2/15

15 Years

Soria, Lorenzo (ESD), 2/06

DiSalvo, Michael (SCS), 2/01

Garami, Lehel (KLY), 2/01

Muller, David (EB), 2/01

Robinson, Liam (SEM), 2/13

Prentiss, Barry (MD), 2/01

20 Years

Ruth, Ronald (ARDA), 2/01

Heidenreich, Karen (SLD), 2/06

Shelley, David (MFD), 2/07

Lacy, Eamon (MFD), 2/13

25 Years

Ecklund, Stanley (AD), 2/01

30 Years

Kunz, Paul (EK), 2/06

35 Years

Otts, Lanny (ACC), 2/10


Cruickshank, George P. (formerly with MFD), age 72, on December 24, 2003

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