February 6, 2004  


Touring the New Facility

By Emily Ball

Over 150 people toured the SPEAR3 tunnel immediately following the Dedication Ceremony. Each tour, led by an SSRL staff member, walked people past wigglers, undulators, bending magnets and more.

Enjoying a SPEAR3 tour given by tour guide Max Cornacchia. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

Thanks to the wonderfully knowledgeable guides, attendees had the chance to experience the magnificence of SPEAR3 machinery. SSRL guides: Harvey Rarback, Dan Harrington, Hiro Tsuruta, Paul Phizackerley, Max Cornacchia, Domenico Dell’Orco, Eduardo Guerra, Hal Tompkins, Bob Hettel, Richard Boyce, Teresa Troxel, Jeff Corbett, Matthew Latimer, Marjorie Widmeyer, James Safranek, Benjamin Scott, Sean Brennan, Ann Trautwein, Roger Carr and Nadine Kurita.

Crowd control and tour logistics were managed with extraordinary help from Barbara Hoddy (PAO), Mika Stratton (EC) and Vickee Flynn (EFD).


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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