January 23, 2004


The Light Shines on SPEAR3

By Neil Calder

2004 starts with a bang at SLAC with the Dedication Ceremony for the new SPEAR3 facility. Everyone is invited to attend this event, which will pay tribute to all the people around the lab whose contributions led to the successful completion of the project.

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The Many Lives of Mark II

By Anna Gosline

For 13 years, the Mark II detector sat in retirement at the east end of the Collider Experimental Hall (CEH), patiently waiting to be dismantled. Life was not always so quiet for this 1800-ton feat of engineering glory. Now that it is being dismantled, we reflect again on the detectorís glorious past.

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Astrophysics Program Investigates Dark Matter

By Linda DuShane White

Steve Kahnís primary focus as Deputy Director of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) is to develop major new programs.

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Synchrotron Research Reveals How to Remove Uranium from Water

By Heather Rock Woods

A new technology that acts like a giant underground filter is successfully beginning to mop up the uranium contaminating an aquifer in a remote Utah canyon.

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E-165 Reveals True Colors of Light

By Anna Gosline

Using electron pulses, a sensitive prism and just the right amount of air, researchers at SLAC have revealed the true colors of fluorescent light triggered by ultra high energy cosmic rays. The results will shed light on an important discrepancy between two recent observations of this energetic phenomenon and provide a solid foundation for future generations of cosmic ray experiments.

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Sand Hill Roadway Improvement Project Explained

By Emily Ball

Andy Coe (Director of Community Relations, Stanford University) and Jim Inglis (Manager of Design and Construction, Stanford Management Company) came to SLAC in December to present the latest information on the Sand Hill Road Menlo Park Roadway Improvement Project.

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Peter Segura Retires

By Paul Bellomo

Pete Segura, (ESD-PCD Technical Manager and Head of Power Systems Operations Support) retired on December 31, 2003, shortly after celebrating his 25th SLAC anniversary.

Segura, who hails from Bisbee, Arizona, became an expert electronics technician while in the Air Force. He migrated to California and earned an AAS electronics degree from Merced College.

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New Separate Prescription Drug Benefit by Express Scripts

By Anita Piercey

In an effort to contain the costs of healthcare, Stanford has carved out, or separated, the drug benefit from each of the health plan options (except Kaiser) and created a separate single drug benefit plan, administered by Express Scripts, Inc.

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