January 23, 2004  


New Separate Prescription Drug Benefit by Express Scripts

By Anita Piercey

In an effort to contain the costs of healthcare, Stanford has carved out, or separated, the drug benefit from each of the health plan options (except Kaiser) and created a separate single drug benefit plan, administered by Express Scripts, Inc. In 2003, each medical plan had a different list of formulary drugs—drugs that are preferred by the plan. Beginning January 1, 2004, all of those lists have been replaced by a single formulary for all Stanford medical options except Kaiser. Kaiser members will continue to use the Kaiser formulary.

If you have not received ID cards from Express Scripts, need replacement ID cards or require general assistance with your prescription benefit, please call the Express Scripts customer service toll-free number (1-866-454-7137). The ID card lists the employee’s name only; your eligible dependents are included under your account.

If you require a prescription to be filled and do not have your Express Scripts ID card with you, the pharmacy can verify your prescription coverage by calling the Express Scripts Pharmacy Help Line (1-800-824-0898).

You can also view your personal prescription profile, look up formulary drugs, or request mail-order service by registering (establishing your own username and password) on the Express Scripts Web site at: http://www.express-scripts.com

For 2004, prescription drug copays remain unchanged as follows:

Pharmacy 30-day supply

Generic $10

Brand Name $20

Non-Formulary $40

Mail Order 90-day supply

Generic $20

Brand Name $40

Non-Formulary $80


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