January 23, 2004  


Peter Segura Retires

By Paul Bellomo

Pete Segura, (ESD-PCD Technical Manager and Head of Power Systems Operations Support) retired on December 31, 2003, shortly after celebrating his 25th SLAC anniversary.

Peter Segura wraps up his work prior to retirement. (Photo by Paul Bellomo)

Segura, who hails from Bisbee, Arizona, became an expert electronics technician while in the Air Force. He migrated to California and earned an AAS electronics degree from Merced College.

Segura joined SLAC in 1978 when the high energy physics program consisted of the linac, four Research Yard beam lines and SPEAR. Later, he was instrumental in getting the Positron-Electron Project, the Stanford Linear Collider, the Final Focus Test Beam and PEP-II commissioned.

During his first 15 years at SLAC Segura wrote troubleshooting procedures for pinpointing ground faults in string magnet circuits. He also designed and fabricated mimic panels for large magnet power supplies. In 1999 he became the Deputy Head and in 2002 the Head of Accelerator Maintenance East and West. In one form or another, he was responsible for the upkeep of all SLAC power conversion systems. Concurrently, Segura served as the project manager for fabricating and installing new 2.5 megawatt, 90kV RF klystron power supplies for PEP, the klystron test laboratory and SPEAR.

A large measure of SLACís success over the past two decades is attributable to Segura. He was the soul of the Power Conversion Department and was very well liked and respected. He will be sorely missed. Everyone wishes him good luck and a long and happy retirement.


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