January 23, 2004  


Getting Material Safety Data Sheets from the Web

By Joseph Kenny

Step 1: Get into your Web browser.

On your computerís desktop, click twice on the Internet Explorer or Netscape icon.

Step 2: Go to MSDS-Search page.

In the address field near the top of the window type http://www.slac.stanford.edu/esh/reference/msds.html and press Enter. You can set a bookmark or a favorite to speed future access.

Step 3: Choose an MSDS search engine.

A number of MSDS search choices will be in green underlined lettering in the middle of the page. The SLAC SEM Searchable MSDS Database (https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/sem-msds/bin/SEM-MSDS.asp) and the Stanford Electronic MSDS System (http://www.stanford.edu/dept/EHS/prod/MSDS) are both excellent resources.

Step 4: Follow the search engine directions.

Most MSDS search engines will have you enter the name of the material and perhaps the materialís manufacturer. When an MSDS comes up, be sure the name matches your material exactly. (For instance, two percent sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid, concentrated are very different materials.)

Questions? Call the Safety, Health and Assurance Department, Ext. 3517.


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