January 23, 2004  


Winter Holiday Celebration

By Linda DuShane White

The Feast of Joy, SLAC’s Holiday Party held on December 18, 2003, was the largest ever: 1,200 people made the lunch time celebration a resounding success.

(Photos by Diana Rogers)

Jeff Machado catered the delicious food which included turkey, ham, stuffing, ravioli, roasted vegetables and desserts, desserts and more desserts. Stephan Davies (MD) said it all in his enthusiastic e-mail to the Holiday Party Committee when he wrote, "The food at the buffet—I have been at SLAC 12 years now and never, I mean never, has it been that good. And the desserts! Cascading down like that! Even the coffee was good and strong. Everyone had a really good time. We are all feeling really good right now. Please tell your Chef. Thank you for the best buffet yet!"

Top-notch musical entertainment was provided. The Leonard Webb Quartet played, and it was as good as any club in the world. We were treated to hearing Jamie Davis (EE) sing when he made a guest appearance with the Quartet. And if anyone wanted even more entertainment, the movie Shrek was playing in Panofsky Auditorium.

Concepcion Zelaya (RD) noted the wonderful holiday atmosphere. "Everyone laughed and enjoyed the fun when Neil Calder (COM) gave out the gifts for the drawing," she said. "Especially when he jokingly said his own name every time a gift certificate from the Stanford Shopping Center came up." Numerous prizes were awarded including turkeys, poinsettias, a gingerbread house, See’s candy and themed gift baskets.

Pief Panofsky (DO) won a prize for the first time ever during the raffle. He, and Dieter Walz (EFD) who followed, received a rousing cheer.

"The party was really well organized," noted Jan Louisell (RD).  "The Committee did a fantastic job. It went off without a hitch." Louisell also commended the SLAC administration for their generosity in hosting the festivities. "The money was well spent. The party was a great morale booster and put everybody in the holiday spirit."


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