July 2, 2004  




Ambassadors to the Community Host Stanford Commencement Tours

By Nina Stolar


Illustrative posters helped guides describe the accelerator to visitors before escorting them inside the Klystron Gallery. (Photo by Nina Stolar)

SLAC Tours have been an annual tradition during Stanford University Commencement Weekend for almost four decades. Two afternoon tours were offered on Saturday, June 12, beginning with a brief talk in Memorial Auditorium on campus. The 10 person campus team directed visitors to busses where 15 guides gathered tour groups (one for each bus). An additional six member team handled on-site logistics.

Advance planning and assistance from Accelerator Operations, ES&H and Security personnel were essential to the success of the day. The continued dedicated support of the SLAC community is greatly appreciated.


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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