July 16, 2004  


Moving SPAM e-mail Out of Your Inbox

By Teresa Downey

We’re getting more and more SPAM (unwanted e-mail) here. Having a way to move the spam automatically out of your Inbox can save time and ease the frustration associated with SPAM e-mails. The web page below will give you details on the software we run here which rates the SPAM as it arrives at SLAC and modifies the Subject line to show the rating. More #’s means it is more likely to be SPAM.

Instructions for creating rules to move the SPAM e-mail:


We do not recommend you automatically delete the SPAM e-mail because there are false-positives now and then. It makes sense for the Outlook 2003 users to move this e-mail into the existing Junk E-mail folder. Then you can periodically just scan through this folder and clean it out.

Later this year we’ll add a ‘spam quarantine’ feature to our server software so we can hold the SPAM e-mails on the server and not even send them to you.



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