June 4, 2004  




Cafeteria Picnic Area to be Revamped

By Mason Inman

The Cafeteria’s outdoor seating area is headed for an overhaul this summer. Site Engineering and Maintenance (SEM) will resurface the area and replace the tables to make a cleaner, more pleasing eating area that should stay in good shape for years to come.

The area outside the Cafeteria will be overhauled and updated this summer. (Courtesy of Tom Sherry)

“It’s time to refurbish the place because it’s a safety hazard,” said Steve Williams (RD). “It’s such a popular place.”

The dates for the construction project aren’t yet final. SEM tentatively plans the work to last from July to late August. While the project is underway, the current wooden picnic tables will be moved to the nearby grass or concrete walkway, so outdoor seating will be available at all times.

The work shouldn’t disrupt people’s meals, according to Tom Sherry (SEM). A back hoe will be used during the first two to three weeks of the project, and SEM will make every effort to keep from inconveniencing the Cafeteria patrons.

The project will make the eating area somewhat level, though it will still follow the existing contours of the ground. Interlocking stones will pave the half of the seating area closest to the building. These stones should stay flat and intact for the long-term, rather than tilt and break like the concrete tiles there now. Crushed, gold-colored rock, compacted to form a hard surface, will cover the other half of the eating area. The same rock borders the SLAC Guest House’s main walkway and covers the bike parking area.

The new tables, some of which will be wheelchair accessible, are hexagonal and made completely of recycled plastic. According to the manufacturer, each table is made of 96 percent post-consumer plastic, the equivalent of 3,200 recycled milk jugs. The tables will sport umbrellas.


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