June 4, 2004  




Juneteenth Celebration: Best Party of the Year!

By Michelle Smith-Strand

Please join us for the 15th Annual Juneteenth Celebration at SLAC. This year we will be honoring the life of Bessie Coleman, the first licensed black female pilot.


Bessie Coleman (Courtesy of Michelle Smith-Strand)

Bessie Coleman was born in Texas in 1892. During WWI, she read about the air war in Europe and became interested in flying. She became convinced that she should be up there and not just reading about it. She started looking for a flying school, but had two strikes against her—she was a woman and she was black.

Coleman heard that Europe had a more liberal attitude towards women, so she learned to speak French and earned enough money (along with other support) to go to Paris and learn how to fly. She encountered many problems, but held on to her dream and earned her license on June 15, 1921.

Come on and join the celebration, let’s make this a memorable event. There will food including desserts, drinks, music, a jumper for the kids and displays. A high-spirited live gospel group will be playing instruments and singing—party time! Also, our very own Robert Moore (EFD-Cryogenics) will be part of the choir. Hallelujah!


Barbecue ribs, chicken, hot links, salads, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, green beans, desserts and beverages.

For tickets, contact:
Jasmine Rogers (Ext. 4336), Sandra Henderson (Ext. 5107), Bldg. 41
Director’s Office, Admins (Ext. 3700), Bldg. 40
Vickee Flynn (Ext. 4208), Bldg. 280A
Henry Gray (Ext. 2181), Bldg. 15
Lovetta Dunn (Ext. 2388), Sharon Oden (Ext. 4460), Bldg. 24
Glena Stewart (Ext. 2838), Al Baker (Ext. 4849), Bldg. 5A
Ben Smith (Ext. 2738), Bldg. 280
Sandra Pickrom (Ext. 4247), Bldg. 81
Michelle Smith (Ext. 4154), Bldg. 211
George Maclin (Ext. 3808), Bldg. 50

Friday, June 18, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Cafeteria Picnic Area

Adults: $10
Kids (12 & under): $5


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