June 4, 2004  




Medical Department Offers Preventive Medicine

By Linda DuShane White

Prevention is the watchword for the Medical Department’s Maria G. Gherman, M.D., MPH. In her seven years at SLAC Gherman has spearheaded numerous programs to increase the opportunity for each employee to take care of his/her own health.

On staff are (left to right): Synday Aguilar, Administrative Assistant/Medical Assistant, Vincent Valencia, Medical Assistant, Raylene Blandino, Physician’s Assistant, and Maria Gherman, MD.

Not pictured are Carol Kubiak, RN and Geraldine Roach, RN.
(Photo by Diana Rogers)

Health Promise

Gherman is delighted to acquaint employees with Health Promise. This program, approved by ES&H, increases the opportunity for each person to monitor his/her own health.

“In addition to the complete physical examination offered to employees, we want to offer Health Promise as a commitment to improve health for a period of one year.”
Participants measure biometrics for weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure, EKG, blood tests for cholesterol and blood sugar. In the final analysis, Gherman explains, “We hope that by increasing health improvement we will contribute to fewer injuries at SLAC.” Watch for Health Promise on the Medical Department website.

Heart Card

Come by the waiting room any time to use the Heart Card machine, a great help for weight or blood pressure management, as well as BMI and pulse rate. No appointment is necessary and there is no charge.

Prevention Ideas

It is no surprise that the dedicated Gherman has more prevention ideas. “For reducing ergonomic injuries, 20 people will participate in a pilot program called MouseKey Do,” said Gherman. Physician’s Assistant Raylene Blandino added that MouseKey Do, self-paced keyboarding and mousing CD classes to prevent injury, start in June.

Stretch Break and Vision Break software will also be tested. Be sure to let Medical know how you like them.

Free trial of Stretch Break: www.paratec.com 

For Vision Break information: www.visionbreak.com

Ten medical surveillance programs are on the ES&H Employee Training Assessment (ETA) website. Use the Exposed Employee Medical Monitoring Program to see if you are in OSHA compliance.

The staff provides consultations to the Community Emergency response team, SERT, CPR/First Aid, Recertification CPR, Asbestos awareness, Ergonomic Evaluation and Back School for back conditioning.

Take advantage of our Medical Department. Use the website, with the monthly Wellness Calendar of exercise and sports program schedules. Updates on a range of programs and issues are in the bimonthly newsletter, New Options for Wellness. Short term counseling is available by appointment with Rosan Gomperts, LCSW and Kevin Carr, MFCC. Massages are provided for a fee and by appointment with Mer Baldoza, CMT.

With the recent expanded programs added, Gherman has hopes for even more improvement—the space and added facilities for an on-site physical therapist and ergonomic lab. Despite SLAC’s already rich array of medical and fitness options, Gherman dreams of still more to offer.

For more information, see: www-group.slac.stanford.edu/esh/medical/

For available training, see: www.slac.stanford.edu/esh/training


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