June 4, 2004  




New Mileage Rate

Effective May 24, the standard rate for official travel by privately owned vehicles (POV) was increased to 37.5 cents a mile. The new rate applies to travel that originated on or after May 24.

Please note that travel originating before May 24 and ending after the change went into effect will be reimbursed at the previous rate of 34.5 cents a mile for the duration of that trip.

Although the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) have allowed payment of 37.5 cents a mile since January 1, the SLAC Travel Reimbursement Office follows Stanford University guidelines, which made the increase effective May 24 for SLAC travelers.

The new rate is reflected on the updated Travel Reimbursement website: www-group.slac.stanford.edu/travel/slac_travel.html

Contact: Alison Twombly, Travel Reimbursement Office, Ext. 4346, atwombly@slac.stanford.edu


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