June 4, 2004  




Certificate in Supervision Program

By Erin Smith

The next Certificate in Supervision program begins in early June.

This nine-class training program is designed to teach supervisors and managers effective leadership skills to meet the demands of SLAC’s workplace and to promote optimal performance from employees.

This program is offered to new supervisors, experienced supervisors who want to improve their management skills and other SLAC employees who want to learn about the supervisory role. Participants have two years to complete the training series in order to earn the Certificate which certifies that they have successfully completed the program.

Graduates of the most recent Certificate in Supervision program received their certificates from the Director at an awards luncheon on April 7.

For more information on this Training & Development Program, see: www-group.slac.stanford.edu/hr/t/supervision.html


Graduates enjoyed an awards luncheon. First Row (l to r): Herbert McIntye, Sr. (PAO), George Kallabis (KLY), Forrest Brown (SEM), Greg Johnson (ASD), Anthony Tilghman (ESD), Clifton Whitton (SEM).

Second Row (l to r): Tim Miller (SCS), Maravic Co-Garcia (ACC), Sandra Henderson (ACC), Ute Hayes (HR), Bernadette Espiritu (ACC), Barbara Blum (ESD), Stephanie Carlson (SSRL), Carol Tam (ACC), Angie Seymour (ARDB).

Third Row (l to r): Thomas Porter (ESD), Dave MacNair (ESD), Merle Cramar (MD), Travis Brooks (TIS), Adrienne Higashi (EB), Armin Busse (ESRD), Carsten Hast (EFD), Howard Page (ASD), Robyn Mosset (HR).

Fourth Row (l to r): Jonathan Dorfan (Director), Thanh Ly (DO), Karen Fant (MFD), Natalie Cramar (REG), Roger Boyer (ESD), Tu Ly (KLY), Martina Datu (ACC), Olaf Muller (MD), Matt Hayes (MFD), Laura O’Hara (TIS).
(Photo by Diana Rogers)

Not Pictured: Antonio de Lira (ESD), Noel McMahon (SEM), Joseph Olszewski (ESD), Roslind Pennacchi (DO), Carlos Pereira (SEM), Hector Prado (ASD) and Serge Ratkovsky (ESD).


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