June 18, 2004  




Director’s Corner

By Jonathan Dorfan

Without exception, SLAC’s great accomplishments have been due to the collective efforts of the staff—everyone cooperating together as a ‘team’ to conquer mountains both big and small.

Photo by Diana Rogers

We now need the participation of the full SLAC team to reduce our accident rates and to help bring injured employees back to health and back to work. While we can be very proud of SLAC’s historical safety record, we had significantly more accidents last year than the year before. In addition, the number of accidents last year exceeded the goal set for the Laboratory complex by our funding agency, the Department of Energy, Office of Science. Whereas two years ago we had the lowest accident rate in the Office of Science complex, we now fall in the quartile of the least good performers.

We need to take action now, both to protect our employees’ health and to meet the DOE’s goals. I am optimistic that, as with our other many challenges, we can reduce accident rates through our coordinated efforts, our intellect and our dedication to the health and safety of our fellow employees. Toward that end, I will be leading a Task Force to implement a program to involve all elements of the laboratory in reducing employee occupational injury and illness. In addition, the Task Force will seek better strategies to help those injured or sick get the treatment they need to get healthy sooner and to come back to work as rapidly as is medically appropriate.

I will keep you informed as the program elements are developed and are ready for your engagement. I look forward to your full and enthusiastic cooperation. Have a safe and healthy month and please remember that placing operational expediency above health and safety is never appropriate.


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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