March 5, 2004  



Dissertation Award

Rahatlou, Shahram (BABAR), 2004 Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Dissertation Award, "For his role in the development of the tools needed for the analysis of B-Factory data, including the tFIT program, a unique and comprehensive fitting framework for time-dependent analyses." (For complete details, see

Service Awards

5 Years

do Couto E Silva, Eduardo (EK), 3/1

Haase, Andrew (KLY), 3/1

Husic, Ibrahim (SEM), 3/1

Jenkins, Diane (MFD), 3/1

Miller, Timothy (SCS), 3/1

10 Years

Kreitz, Doug (BLS), 3/7

Kreitz, Pat (TIS), 3/7

15 Years

Allen, Bruce (ESD), 3/6

Limones, Rebecca (ESD), 3/1

Reed, Robert (MD), 3/1

Rodriguez, Raymond (REG), 3/6

Usher, Tracy (EA), 3/1

20 Years

Flynn, Vickee (EFD), 3/1

Steger, Michelle (SSRL), 3/5

30 Years

Luth, Vera (EC), 3/1

35 Years

King, Tony (MET), 3/12

Roos, Franklin (MFD), 3/3


Chadwick, George (retired, formerly with SLD), on December 20, 2003

Kral, Lawrence (retired, formerly with TD), on February 22, 2004

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