March 5, 2004  


Show Off Your SLAC Thesis

By Beck Reitmeyer and Sharon West

SLAC-related theses are available on the Web. Is your thesis there?

The Technical Publications department keeps track of theses based on work done at SLAC as SLAC Reports. As such, students benefit by having their thesis posted to the Web (therefore always available), reviewed for patent and included in SPIRES.

Moreover, we cover printing and distribution of the thesis to roughly 25 HEP libraries worldwide and provide students with up to ten bound copies for their own distribution.

Students aren't the only ones who benefit. The Lab and its collaborations benefit by having their work maintained in a comprehensive, publicly accessible list of intellectual work, while seamlessly complying with DOE requirements.

You can search for a SLAC thesis by title or author name through SPIRES (, through the new search engine (select the SLAC Publications collection at, or through the TechPubs FastFind if you already know the report number (

For questions about publishing your thesis at SLAC, please contact Crystal Tilghman (Ext. 2677) or Sharon West (Ext. 2594).


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