March 19, 2004  


Take Advantage of Fitness Classes Offered at SLAC

By Ziba Mahdavi

Did you know we have a wide variety of fitness classes taught here at SLAC? These include aerobics, ballet, body sculpting, step aerobics, pilates, and yoga.

Advanced registration is recommended for Pilates and Yoga classes, which are coordinated by Stanford’s Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation.

The next quarter runs from April 5 to June 25.

Fees for (1) Stanford staff (2) Stanford students (3) Neighbors:

Monday Pilates (11 weeks)
(1) $41.25 (2) $27.50 (3) $55.00

Wednesday Pilates (12 weeks)
(1) $45.00 (2)$30.00 (3) $60.00

Friday Yoga (12 weeks)
(1) $45.00 (2) $30.00 (3) $60.00

For registration, please go to:

For a complete list of classes, see the Wellness Classes on the Medical Department’s website at:


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