March 19, 2004  


Doug Kreitz and Fellow Volunteers Receive ‘Points of Light’ Award

By Vickee Flynn

Doug Kreitz (BSD) was recently honored, along with 50 fellow volunteer counselors and specialized nurses, by winning the coveted Daily Points of Light Award for his work each summer at the Youth Rally of the United Ostomy Association, Inc. (UOA).

Doug Kreitz (right) is shown dancing with one of the campers at the special dance held on the last night of the Youth Rally. (Photo courtesy of Doug Kreitz)

The Youth Rally —a camp for youth aged 11 –17 who have an ostomy or related procedure —is held on a university campus each July. The Rally offers educational classes, sports, sightseeing and an environment that promotes independent living skills and friendships that last a lifetime. Over the past 25 years, thousands of special-needs children have a attended the Youth Rally, the only one of its kind in the U.S. The rally may be the first time in the childrens’ lives that they meet others with similar medical challenges and realize they are not alone.

The Youth Rally requires dedicated, caring individuals who are passionate about helping others. It takes more than 50 such volunteer counselors and nurses to support the rally each summer. All use their own vacation time and money to a attend and to provide the special a attention required. Kreitz has volunteered for the past four years to make a positive impact on the lives of special-needs youth from all over the U.S.

On March 8,the Youth Rally Volunteers were named The Nation ’s Volunteer Group of the Day and featured on the Points of Light Foundation Web site at:

Begun in 1989 by then President George Bush Sr. as a movement to engage all Americans in solving community problems, the Daily Points of Light Program was reinstated in 1998 to recognize outstanding voluntary service.

UOA President Ron Titlebaum, thrilled by this honor for his colleagues, remarked, “I can ’t
imagine a group more worthy of this award. They give their all to the kids, not just during the rally, which is a 24/7 duty, but all year long. They are the backbone of this program!”

The United Ostomy Association is a volunteer-based health organization dedicated to providing education, information, support and advocacy for people who have had, or will have, intestinal or urinary diversions.

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