March 19, 2004


Report of the SLAC Scenarios Study Released

By Heather Rock Woods

For 40 years SLAC has hummed with scientific excitement day and night, and it will be no different in the year 2015.

That’s the conclusion of the newly released SLAC Scenarios Study, which examined what the Lab might look like in 2015 in the context of the huge international effort to build a new linear collider.

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SLAC Cafeteria Prices—Why Are They Higher Now?

By Jerry Jobe

Many of you have noticed that SLAC cafeteria prices were recently raised. This has led to several inaccurate reports regarding cafeteria operations and how its prices are determined. To set the record straight, I will describe how the cafeteria is operated and how SLAC is involved.

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Mentor a SULI Summer Student

By Davide Castelvecchi

Do you want to make a difference in the life of a student, while getting some help in your lab this summer?

The DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program will bring students to the SLAC campus, to take part in eight to nine weeks of research training.

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DOE Stanford Site Office Update

By John Muhlestein

The DOE Stanford Site Office (SSO) at SLAC provides field management of SLAC and SSRL for the Office of Science (SC).
A key part of our mission is to continuously improve our communications, trust and teamwork with the SLAC community, regulators and stakeholders.

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Fly Away Home

By Linda DuShane White

A few years ago, Burl Skaggs (SEM) and his wife Carol decided to find a new way of life after she retired. Determined to stay in the West, they traveled to his home state of Montana, and then from New Mexico to Washington state.

During this odyssey a friend gave Skaggs an article on airparks, residential areas with access to a runway. In California alone, there are about 20 airparks, but most are either small (4 or 5 houses) or remote.

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Take Advantage of Fitness Classes Offered at SLAC

By Ziba Mahdavi

Did you know we have a wide variety of fitness classes taught here at SLAC? These include aerobics, ballet, body sculpting, step aerobics, pilates, and yoga.

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The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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