March 19, 2004  


The Globies—a Way to Tell Fellow Employees They’re Appreciated

By Joni White

Not just another popularity contest, but your chance to let your fellow employees know they are appreciated!

Carol Morris (OHP) receives her Globie from Jonathan Dorfan last year. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

Do you know someone you consider to be an unsung hero of SLAC? The Employee Award Program recognizes those who consistently promote a positive, respectful and harmonious work environment by doing a variety of things to make the workplace more inviting.

We want your nominations!

Can you think of anyone who often goes out of his or her way to help others, is always pitching in when needed, volunteers for SLAC activities not directly related to their job, or shows unusual grace under pressure?

Last year we received almost 200 nominations, and the recognition awards committee hopes to attract even more this year. All SLAC employees and University employees assigned to SLAC are eligible for nomination. We know there are deserving candidates in every area of our Lab—physicists, union employees and shift workers—and we need you to tell us about them.

Employees that are selected will receive the Globie Award Trophy, a certificate of recognition, a letter from the Director for their personnel file, an awards luncheon at the Faculty Club and a picture on SLAC’s Wall of Fame. But the legacy of the Globie goes beyond that.

Carol Morris (OHP) had this to say about being presented with a globie last year. “For me, my ‘Globie’ is a very tangible reminder and a wonderful affirmation that I am appreciated by people I respect and work with on a day to day basis. It was an honor to be recognized by my peers and managers for the role I play within a very interesting and dynamic organization. It’s nice to know that when you occasionally lose sight of your contribution to such a facility as SLAC that there are those to remind that you do matter and that you do count.”

Nomination Process Underway

Nomination forms were sent out on March 15. Go to for an online nomination form.


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