May 7, 2004  




Award Winning Poem on Display
Janice Dabney proudly points to her award winning poem. (Photo Courtesy of Janice Dabney)

Over a year ago, Janice Dabney (TD) was chosen as a second place winner of a poetry contest hosted by the Palo Alto Public Art Commission. Her poem, entitled ĎFirst Bikeí is now prominently displayed on the wall of the Walgreenís store in Midtown Palo Alto on Middlefield Road between Moreno Avenue and Oregon Expressway. The dedication ceremony is scheduled for May 8 at noon.

Dabney is honored to be one of the six poets chosen for the Poetry Wall and hopes her short poem will inspire readers to remember the challenges in their lives and those who cheered them on.

First Bike

By Janice Dabney 

Fatherís hands on my shoulders

push me gently to street,

balancing air

between spokes.

Neighbors shout

you can make it

smiles telling knees

ignore this rough road.



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