May 7, 2004  




Project M Reports Now On-Line

By Jean Deken

The Stanford University Physics Department ‘Project M’ reports dating from 1956 to 1962, including those produced by the Microwave Lab and the then-named High-Energy Physics Lab (HEPL), are now available on-line. Called Project M from 1956-1960, the collaboration was renamed ‘The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center’ in 1960. The ‘M’ in the project name was for ‘Multi-Gev’ or ‘Monster.’

The Project M Reports’ web page has been a joint effort of the Technical Publications Department and Archives and History Office. They located, listed and scanned original reports retired to the Archives by the SLAC Library and by long-time Research Division staff. Users can follow links in a numeric list and view PDF files of the scanned publications. Please note the quality of some PDF files is poor because the original documents are blurred or indistinct. (Remember the good old days of purple ditto copies and black and white mimeographs?)

Fugitive Papers

Publications listed without links are reports that are known to have been published, but no hard copies have yet been located at SLAC. Your help in locating ‘fugitive’ papers is needed so they can be scanned and added. Anyone with a copy of these fugitives is encouraged to contact the Technical Publications Department (Ext. 2594) or Archives (Ext. 3091).

The new page ( can also be reached from the Archives and History Office website via the SU Physics Reports link under Resources (



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