May 7, 2004  




So You Need to Be a Web Author

By Beck Reitmeyer

Do you find yourself responsible for updating pages within a SLAC Website–or even an entire Web–and are not quite sure how to do it? Although you understand basic HTML, would you like to learn how to apply style sheets? Can you work in FrontPage well, but you want to learn what goes on behind it? Then the new Computer Education Web classes are for you.

Beginning in May, Ruth McDunn and Beck Reitmeyer (TIS) will begin a series of classes focused on teaching HTML and CSS, ranging from quick 3-hour classes geared for those who just want to know the basics of operating in the SLAC Web environment to more intensive 6-week courses designed for those who want to know the details.

To sign up for classes, use the newly redesigned Computer Education Web site (

The Web Information Management site ( contains valuable information including training and class descriptions.


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