May 21, 2004  




APS Awards

By David Harris

Three SLAC researchers were awarded prizes at the annual American Physical Society meeting in Denver on May 2. John Seeman (AD) shared with Katsunobu Oide (KEK) the Robert R. Wilson Prize, awarded ‘for technical leadership and direct contributions to the development of high luminosity B factories at KEK and SLAC. These machines have set new world records for luminosities in colliding-beam storage rings.’

APS award recipients (l to r): Shahram Rahatlou (BABAR) Katsunobu Oide (KEK), Ikaros Bigi (University of Notre Dame), Anthony Ichiro Sanda (Nagoya University), Dmitry Teytelman (ARDA) and John Seeman (AD). (Photo by Bill Cronin)

On winning the prize, Seeman said, “the award was a pleasant surprise and quite an honor. It also says a lot about the laboratories and all the universities that made these accelerators and detectors work. We have had a great collaborating environment over the years.”

Two dissertation awards were presented to graduate students who conducted their research at SLAC. Shahram Rahatlou (B
ABAR) of UC San Diego, was awarded the Tanaka Dissertation Award ‘for his role in the development of the tools needed for the analysis of B factory data, including the tFIT program, a unique and comprehensive fitting framework for time-independent analyses. The tools he developed played a key role in the observation of CP violation in the B system by the BABAR collaboration. These tools will be essential to the ongoing program of work as the B factories continue to probe the origins of CP violation.’

Dmitry Teytelman (ARDA/Stanford) was awarded the Dissertation in Beam Physics Award ‘for his development of new feedback architectures and algorithms for the diagnosis and control of coupled-bunch instabilities in circular accelerators.’


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