May 21, 2004




Mammoth Database Wins Grand Prize

By Mason Inman

SLAC not only boasts the world’s longest building, but also the world’s largest recognized database. The BABAR database—now containing about 900 terabytes, or 900,000 gigabytes—recently earned a Grand Prize in a prestigious annual survey of very large databases, the Winter Corporation’s Top Ten.

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Director’s Corner

By Jonathan Dorfan

The mills of international high energy physics may grind slowly, but they certainly grind very, very fine. Several laboratories around the world have been developing conceptual designs, technologies and hardware for a linear collider with an energy range of 500 GeV to 1 TeV. The time has come to choose and the selection process is rigorous.

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BABAR to Overhaul Muon Detector

By Davide Castelvecchi

ABAR is getting ready for the most extensive overhaul in its five years of operation. During the accelerator’s and detector’s yearly down time, starting August 1 this year and again next summer, crews will completely replace the barrel part of the muon system, one of BABAR’s five main particle detectors.

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APS Awards

By David Harris

Three SLAC researchers were awarded prizes at the annual American Physical Society meeting in Denver on May 2. John Seeman (AD) shared with Katsunobu Oide (KEK) the Robert R. Wilson Prize, awarded ‘for technical leadership and direct contributions to the development of high luminosity B factories at KEK and SLAC. These machines have set new world records for luminosities in colliding-beam storage rings.’

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Boeheim Photos on Exhibit in Redwood City

Chuck Boeheim (SCS) and his family spent much of last August touring the island of Shikoku in Japan.

They drove 2,000 kilometers of winding back-country roads to visit the famous 88 temples of that island, which date back to the eighth-century monk Kobo Daishi.

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Celebrate Juneteenth at SLAC!

By Jasmine Rogers

This year the Black Association of SLAC Employees (BASE) invites you to come and join our 15th annual Juneteenth Celebration!

BASE hosts this annual event to celebrate the end of slavery in this country as well as the gathering of friends and family. Juneteenth began in Texas and Arkansas and celebrations are now held nationwide.

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