May 21, 2004  




Flexible Spending Accounts Update

Starting in mid-May, participants in the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will see some changes. ProBusiness was bought by ADP last year and is being transitioned to the ADP platform during the next few weeks.

Key Things for You to Know

ADP deactivated FSA debit cards on May 15. If you try to use your current card after that date, your transaction will be denied.

ADP will issue new FlexDirect cards to all plan participants and you should receive the new card by mid-June.

For any FSA expenses between May 15 and May 29, please use a ProBusiness claim form, which you can download at

For any FSA expenses after May 29, please use the claim form that ADP sent to you in late April, or download one after May 29 from the Benefits Web site at:

New Conveniences Offered by ADP

• Better online tools
• Daily, rather than weekly, reimbursement processing

For additional information, please call the ADP/ProBusiness Employee Service Center at (800) 269-0020 or contact Benefits (Ext. 2356).


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