May 21, 2004  




International Travel Changes

DOE Order 551.1B, Official Foreign Travel, has been incorporated into the SLAC contract and this changes some of the requirements associated with foreign travel for our SLAC travelers.

Trip Reports

The DOE no longer requires that a detailed trip report be submitted after your foreign travel. The expense report along with the abstract of the trip is all that will be required to close out the trip. The abstract should consist of major highlights, benefits, and results of meetings at each location. When more than one traveler follows the same schedule, the same abstract can be used by all travelers. (Reminder: The travel expense report and abstract still need to be submitted to the Travel Reimbursement Office within 20 days of the travelerís return.)

Foreign Travel Approval

Foreign travel requests to sensitive countries ( must now be submitted to the Travel Reimbursement Office 55 days prior to departure for submittal to the DOE via the FTMS (Foreign Travel Management System) for country clearance and DOE approval. Requests for travel to non-sensitive countries remain unchanged with submissions due to the Travel Reimbursement Office 45 days in advance of departure.

To expedite approval processing through the FTMS, all fields in the travel request must be filled out completely. A common field that is often filled out incorrectly or left blank is the Ďafter hoursí contact information, which should be the name and number of the planned lodging location, and not the host contact.

Contact: Alison Twombly, Travel Reimbursement Office, Ext. 4346,


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