November 5, 2004  


SLUO Office Relocated

By Nina Adelman Stolar

The SLAC Users Organization (SLUO) office has relocated from the Central Lab Annex (Bldg. 84). SLUO Administrator Fran Spiller, assisted by Olga Iakovleva and Sonja Cronin (all RD), can now be found in the SCS central lobby area (Bldg. 50).

Olga Iakovleva and Fran Spiller in their new office location in Building 50. (Photo by Diana Rogers)

All new SLAC users must register with the SLUO Administrator (Ext. 4505, e-mail and be entered into the SLUO user database. The SLUO Web site has useful information for new users and visitors, details on the executive committee membership and activity updates.

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