November 19, 2004


Laboratory Moves into Normal Work Mode

As of Monday November 15, the Laboratory has moved from a ‘restricted work’ status into a ‘normal work’ mode.

By Jonathan Dorfan

Following the serious electrical accident on October 11, 2004, I created restrictions in the workplace. These restrictions have now been lifted and this past Monday the Laboratory staff resumed ‘normal work’ activities.

In resuming normal work, there are revised processes and procedures that govern the way we carry out electrical work and hoisting/rigging. These processes and procedures are designed to ensure that SLAC will continue to have a safer workplace and strong ownership by the full ‘line’ for safety in the workplace.

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Anthrax Hijacks Its Way into Human Cells

By Heather Rock Woods

X-ray images taken at SSRL have revealed how anthrax hijacks important cell machinery to enter and destroy human cells. The results give a clearer picture of how anthrax works and bring researchers closer to developing a therapy against anthrax infection as well as a new cancer therapeutic.

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ILC Team Building Starts at KEK Workshop

By Neil Calder

Over 200 physicists and engineers from Asia, Europe and the Americas, including 21 people from SLAC, met at the KEK High Energy Physics Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan, to explore rapid development of a conceptual design of the International Linear Collider (ILC).

Originally conceived as a meeting for some 30 people, the organizers were overwhelmed with requests to participate. The enthusiasm for this new project was clear throughout the meeting.

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