November 19, 2004  


SEM Service Requests: Your Patience, Please

By Burl Skaggs

Since SLACís work suspension began three weeks ago, SEM has accumulated over 1,200 service requests. Many of these requests involve work that is not permitted to be performed without case by case review. This includes lockout and tagout electrical work, roof access, hoisting and rigging, and limits our use of certain tools and equipment.

SEM is primarily scheduling service requests that address significant safety or maintenance hazards. We will schedule some routine service requests not prohibited by our current work restrictions. All SEM construction projects are stopped at this time and awaiting further guidance on subcontractor safety.

The SEM staff members appreciate your patience and understanding during these unsettled times. Once normal work is resumed without Restriction, every effort will be made to schedule and complete all outstanding service requests as soon as possible.

Service Request Safety Types

The on-line submission form has three selections under Safety: Non-Safety, Safety Regular or Safety Immediate. For service requests, SEM defines Safety as anything that poses a direct/indirect threat or hazard to personnel, property and/or the environment.

A large number of service requests being sent in have Safety selected (versus Non-Safety). Please select Safety only if it meets this definition. For general requests, selecting safety will not ensure that your request will be handled faster or that your request will be completed more quickly.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the SEM Service Desk (Ext. 8901).  


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