October 1, 2004  


Computer-based Safety Training

By Paul Bloom

By now, most of you should be familiar with the EOESH and GERT computer-based training (CBT) offered by the ES&H Training Group at nine satellite computer locations around the SLAC site. The response we have received from you, the SLAC community, has been overwhelmingly positive regarding your experience in taking computer-based versions of these two courses.

Since February 2003, over 2,600 EOESH and GERT courses have been taken using CBT. If you calculate that each CBT course takes about an hour to complete as opposed to sitting half a day in class, the Lab has saved tens of thousands of dollars in employee time alone. We have you to thank for the success of this program.

What you may not be as familiar with are the 15 other safety courses ES&H Training offers by CBT, including courses such as Electrical Safety for Non-Electrical Workers and Lead Safety.

Unlike the EOESH and GERT courses, access to these 15 CBT courses was limited to our training lab in Building 24. For your convenience we have added three more computer stations around SLAC where you can take these courses. You can contact the following people to schedule an appointment for CBT safety courses at any of the four locations.

Location and Contacts

Bldg. 24: Terry Ash (ESH), Ext. 2688, tomboy@slac.stanford.edu

Bldg. 34: Deborah Lilly (ESD), Ext. 3514, dlilly@slac.stanford.edu

Bldg. 44: Mary Regan (KLY), Ext. 3602, mary@slac.stanford.edu

Bldg. 25: Dianna Beebe (MFD), Ext. 4576, dbeebe@slac.stanford.edu

I encourage you to try out our CBT courses at one of these locations. I am sure that you will find them an easy to use—and often fun—way to learn critical safety material. ES&H training will continue to seek out new ways to improve safety training at SLAC in order to make it more convenient to get the training you need to perform your work safely and confidently.

For a complete list of our computer-based courses, please see: www-group.slac.stanford.edu/esh/training/trainops/cbtcourses.html  




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