October 1, 2004  


Walkin’, Phishin’ and Postin’—Annual Safety and Security Briefing

By Doug Kreitz

Attendees at the 3rd annual Safety and Security Briefing held on September 22 reacted enthusiastically to the revised format and solid content of the talks.

Staff comments from the 2003 event influenced the topics and helped shape the overall format this year—fewer speakers, timely and concise information and more interesting visuals. We are pleased to report that, based on 400 staff surveys returned, many felt this year’s program was the most valuable one they had attended to date.

Safety and Security Topics Covered

Jack Hahn (ESH) led off by illustrating that common sense actions related to walking (look where you are going), stair safety (use the handrail) and material handling (wear gloves) could be valuable in reducing our accidents, based on an analysis of recent events. These three simple steps were considered to be related causes to over 20 percent of recent accidents. Hahn also covered ladder and electrical safety. Everyone attending passed the ‘pop quiz’ he gave at the end of his talk.

Teresa Downey (SCS) followed with an informative presentation on ‘Phishing’, with examples of ‘spoofed’ e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data. She gave information on how to protect computers, both at work and at home, from virus attacks.

Lauren Schoenthaler (Stanford Office of the General Counsel) spoke about the consequences of the illegal downloading of copyrighted material (movies, songs, articles, etc.) and the laws regarding posting copyrighted material on the Web.

Rick Yeager (BSD) gave helpful tips and reminders about Site Safeguards and Security and the importance of protecting the site’s wildlife (SLAC is a nature preserve).

Steve Minnear (DOE Office of Counterintelligence) provided insights and tips on travel overseas for both business and pleasure. He shared excerpts from several of our colleagues’ trip reports to illustrate that while overseas travel is still safe, you should always expect the unexpected.

Presentations Available On-line

For streaming media of the talks and copies of the presentations, see:  https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/bsd/ISSM/safety_security04.htm   



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