October 1, 2004  


Winter Shutdown

By Lee Lyon

SLAC will be closed December 18 through January 2 with the exception of staff members who are requested to work for a critical or programmatic reason and those needed to ensure site safety and security. PEP-II and BABAR will run with a skeleton crew through December 23; GLAST will continue work on some critical path tasks; and SSRL will run SPEAR3 through December 22 and will have a small crew doing installation work. Management in those areas will inform employees of their schedules. Employees not specifically requested to work are asked not to come to the site.

This year Christmas falls on a Saturday. The Laboratory, except for a few areas, will be closed from Friday, December 17, at midnight (0:00) through Friday, December 31, at midnight (0:00). University holidays are December 24, 27 and 31. Of the seven remaining normal work days during those two weeks, December 23 and 30 are University paid days off.  Staff members who are required to work on the paid days off will have the time added to their vacation balance.

Staff will have to use personal time or vacation time to receive full pay for the other five days.  All employees will have five days to cover with leave in order to maintain full pay. Employees may take some or all of the time as leave without pay if they choose.

We will again allow staff to borrow their three Personal Time Off days, their Floating Holiday (formerly Birthday Holiday) and their January vacation accrual from calendar year 2005 to assist with maintenance of pay during this shutdown. 




The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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