October 15, 2004  


DOE Library Managers Meet, Talk and Row

By Lesley Wolf

You could talk all you wanted as loud as you wanted as long as you wanted in DOE libraries everywhere last week without being shushed. Really. The DOE Laboratory Library Managers were away from their posts attending the Library Operations Working Group (LOWG) Conference sponsored by SLAC. 

LOWG attendees shown left to right. Front row: Annanaomi Sams (PNNL), Mary Petersen (BNL), Jose Olivares (LBNL), Jeanne Perrone (DOE); Center row: Ann Redfield (TIS), Patricia Kreitz (TIS), Judy Gilmore (OSTI), Susan Tackett (OSTI), Shannon Savage (ANL), Mary Donahue (NREL), Elois Morgan (JLAB); Back row: Bob Conrad (ORNL), Yvette Woell (ANL), Jackie Stack (LANL), Karen Spence (OSTI), Rob Atkinson (FNAL), David Klepich (INEEL). (Photo by Diana Rogers)

No one could shush the librarians either. There was a whole lot of discussion going on about the rising cost of journals, electronic access to publications and meeting evolving customer requests for information delivery.

LOWG is a vehicle for giving site reports, but more importantly it is a friendly, supportive gathering where librarians can share ideas, problems and solutions, debate the proís and conís of paper versus digital and brainstorm ways to satisfy increasing demands for print and electronic materials on shrinking budgets.

Everyone was pretty much talked out by Wednesday evening so they kicked off their sensible shoes, pulled on shorts and sweatshirts, and headed down to Bair Island in Redwood City for rowing lessons from our SPIRES database guy Mike Sullivan (TIS). Then it was off to Shiok! for a taste of the multiethnic cuisine of Singapore. 



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