October 15, 2004  


Seminar Series Features Wide Range of Speakers

By Raven Hanna

You have probably seen announcements on SLAC Today on the Colloquia series. You may have noticed scientists, staff and visitors walking toward Panofsky Auditorium around 4:00 p.m. on Mondays. You may even have seen people in the Lobby chatting before the seminar.

“All are welcome,” says Marty Breidenbach (SLD) who currently heads up the SLAC Departmental Colloquia series. The goal of the talks is to bring interdisciplinary stimulation to the SLAC community, encouraging communication and collaboration. Natasha Haulman (SLD), who organizes the seminars, added, “[The talks are] a way for people from different departments to come together and mingle.”

Presented for the Non-Specialist

Speakers are chosen from a variety of scientific fields and the lectures are aimed at those who have science interests, not for specialists. Memorable past lecturers include Sharon Weinberger on ‘Hafnium Isomer Weapons’ and Bulent Atalay speaking about ‘Math and the Mona Lisa.’

Upcoming topics include autoimmune disease, science on Mars, renewable energy, drug industry marketing ethics, science and lore of the kitchen, and the reversal of diabetes in adult animals.

The Colloquia are featured on SLAC Today generally on the Friday before each talk. Haulman also sends e-mail reminders. Contact her to be added to the list (Ext. 5449, haulman@slac.stanford.edu). Let her know if you would like to meet with a speaker or with any questions on the Colloquia.

Missed a Talk?

Many past seminars are available on video from the Library in the Central Lab (Bldg. 40, room Y215). To search Library videos, see: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/video/  

For upcoming talks, see SLAC Today: http://today.slac.stanford.edu  




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