October 15, 2004  


SLAC and Fermilab to Launch symmetry magazine

By David Harris

SLAC and Fermilab are set to launch symmetry, a new publication for the international particle physics community. The inaugural issue will be released in late October.

The new magazineís cover. (Image Courtesy of SLAC)

This joint publication replaces both SLACís Beam Line (last published Spring/Summer 2002) and Fermilabís Fermi News (last issue in June 2004) with a monthly full-color magazine and accompanying on-line version. This is the first time two DOE national laboratories have combined resources to produce such a publication.

In recent years, much exciting progress has been made at both SLAC and Fermilab by the cross-fertilization of ideas between particle physics, astrophysics, synchrotron science and other fields. Symmetry will explore these connections not only through the science but also through stories of people, policy and culture.

The first issue features articles, commentaries, essays, profiles, reviews and outside perspectives of the work done at both labs.

Print copies will be available in the Central Lab (Bldg. 40) from the Communications Office (Ext. 8703, room G106), the Library (Ext. 2411, room Y215) as well as at other locations around SLAC.

People can subscribe to the magazine by visiting the Symmetry website and may choose to receive either e-mail notifications when new issues are posted or print copies of the magazine. Staff who work on-site should subscribe at: http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/slac. Other readers can subscribe at: http://symmetrymagazine.org/form.html  




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