September 3, 2004  




Bjorken, James (THP), 2004 Dirac Medal, Awarded by Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), on August 8. For more information, see:

Service Awards

5 Years

Grossman, Yuval (THP), 9/1
Jenks, Stephen (ESD), 9/7
Kachru, Shamit (THP), 9/1
Lowe, Cindy (NLC), 9/1
Saenz, David (LCLS), 9/13
Shakhnovsky, Oleg (ESD), 9/7 

10 Years

Bense, Booker (SCS), 9/6
Copeland, Michael (MD), 9/16
Galetto, Thomas (AD), 9/12
Garriz, Patricia (EP), 9/12 

15 Years

Chan, Kingston (SEM), 9/11
Remerata, Eulinia (ACC), 9/1 

35 Years

Tilghman Jr., Anthony (ESD), 9/15

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