September 3, 2004  


Sand Hill Review Available—Take a Literary Breather!

Copies of the Spring Sand Hill Review are now available from Marty Sorensen (ACC) or Janice Dabney (TD) for $6 (funds go toward next issue).

Not a sound

Not a sound!
Dark, cold, and quiet
My cat lifts his head
begging me with his eyes
Stop fidgeting; I’m trying to sleep
He turns around once, steers again and
curls up into a ball
I lay still
He looks so peaceful
Is he dreaming?
Is he dreaming about today, yesterday, last month,
any time at all?
Or just remembering images?
I think about images
Not today, yesterday, or the times gone by
Only images
I lay awake
Not a sound!

—Ziba Mahdavi

A poem from the Review is excerpted at right.

The work is available on-line at:



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