September 3, 2004  


Stretch Break Exercise Software Now Available

By Linda DuShane White

‘Stretch Break’ is a new software program available to staff who have windows computers.  Maria G. Gherman, M.D., MPH of the ES&H/SLAC Medical Department recommended the program as a means to prevent repetitive stress injuries. 

This screenshot shows a typical stretch from the program. (Image courtesy of Larissa Williams)

This program is SLAC-licensed for use on SLAC computers. It installs software onto your computer that pops up at pre-programmed times (for instance, every 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or an hour—your choice) and reminds you to take a quick break and stretch. If you select the ‘stretch now’ option, it guides you through a few simple exercises that are ergonomically selected to help in reducing computer stress.

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