September 3, 2004  



By Rick Yeager

All SLAC employees, users and contractors…

Please remember that you have a responsibility to operate vehicles safely on site. The Rules of the Road spelled out in the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Vehicle Code apply at SLAC. Your individual compliance will ensure the safety of all persons on site.

GSA Operating Instructions

The General Services Administration (GSA) owns the SLAC vehicle fleet, and publishes operating instructions that SLAC is required to follow. The first regulation covers the mandatory wearing of seat belts in vehicles that are equipped with them. The second one covers the mandatory no smoking requirement in government vehicles. The third covers the prohibition of personal use of a government vehicle. There are no exceptions to these regulations and all operators of GSA vehicles should follow them. The regulations may be viewed on-line at:

Electric Carts

Operators of electric carts which do not have turn signals and stop lights are required to display DMV-approved hand signals for turning, changing lanes or stopping. If an electric cart is moving slowly due to low battery power or heavy load, the operator should move to the extreme right side of the roadway and signal any following motor vehicles to pass when it is safe to do so.

Check for more traffic safety tips in the next Interaction Point!



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