September 17, 2004  


Traffic Tips

By Rick Yeager

All SLAC employees, users and contractors…

Construction Zone Concerns

With construction by the Main Gate underway, we REALLY need everyone to be alert. Pay attention to blocked off road and parking lot areas, and be sure to follow any posted directions.

Stop Sign Means Full Stop

A stop sign means come to a complete stop at intersections. Look both ways and be aware of pedestrians before proceeding.  Remember—they have the right of way.

Blind Corners

Always be aware of your surroundings. When exiting parking lots on blind corners or approaching a sharp curve such as those along the PEP Ring Road, use caution whether in a vehicle or on foot. Particular caution should be used around slow moving heavy equipment or other roadway blockages.


Wearing headphones which reduce or restrict hearing while operating a vehicle, walking, jogging, bicycling or rollerblading is not permitted at SLAC. Headphones can be worn slightly forward of the ear on the temple so approaching vehicular traffic can be heard.

Check for more traffic safety tips in the next Interaction Point!  




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