September 17, 2004  


Travel Rates Change Oct. 1

The Federal domestic travel per diem (FTR) rates are reviewed and adjusted annually by the General Services Administration (GSA).  These rates establish the maximum amount of lodging, meal and incidental (M&IE) expenses that may be reimbursed by SLAC for any one geographical area.  These rates become effective October 1 and apply to travel performed on or after that date.

Some examples of lodging rate changes are:

Standard Rate
FY04    $55
FY05    increased to $60

Washington, DC              
FY04    $150        
FY05    reduced to $143

Los Angeles, CA
FY04    $106
FY05    reduced to $100

Ithaca, NY
FY04    $69
FY05    increased to $100

Please note that the cities/counties listed on the GSA tables are areas that have been determined to be high cost areas.  If the location you are traveling to is not on the GSA tables, then the standard rate applies. 

The FTR rates do change periodically throughout the year as the expense of travel is determined by GSA to cost more or less.  Please review the rate for the area you are traveling to before you depart on your trip.

The FY05 rates are posted at: 

Contact: Alison Twombly, Ext. 4346,  




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