April 1, 2005  


Supervisor Training Certificates Awarded

You may recognize some of your colleagues at the most recent graduation ceremony for the Certificate in Supervision Program. The next series began March 31. The nine-class training program is designed to teach effective leadership skills to meet the demands of the Laboratory.

The graduating class for this series included representatives from throughout the Lab (listed in alphabetical order):

Perry Anthony (CEF), Nicholas Arias (ILC), Henry Atiles (MD), Leslie Bachant (CEF), Mer Baldoza (ESD), Aaron Bator (KM), Pete Budrunas (CEF), Kingston Chan (CEF), Ambrose Chu (SCS), Wesley Craddock (CEF), Markus Cristinziani (EC), Raimond Cuadrado (CEF), Nancy D’Amico (HR), Thomas Eriksson (ESRD), Louis Fernandez (ESD), Jo Beth Folger (LCLS), Richard Gonzales (KLY), Ana Gonzalez (ESRD), Patrick Grygutis (CEF), Roger Jurgensen (ESD), Glen Kerr (ESRD), George Kuraitis (CEF), Charlotte Los Banos (CEF), Stephen Lowe (ESD), Chris Mayfield (ASD), Scott McPhillips (ESRD), Judy Meo (EE/EG), Eleanor Mitchell (DO), Daphne Mitchell (BSD), Sharon Oden (KM), Chris Ramirez (ASD), Robert Reek (SHA), George Sandoval (CEF), Ronald Scholz (ESD), Joan Scott (PUR), Linda Sewell (KLY), Victoria Sha (TIS), Knut Skarpaas (REG), Nina Stolar (PAO), Von Taylor (KLY), Ruth Thomas (BSD), EunJoo Thompson (CEF), Richard Torres (CEF), Ann Trautwein (ASD), Cecilio Vazquez (KLY), John Weisskopf (SCS), Larissa Williams (KM), Araceli Zapata (CEF). 

For complete details, see: http://www-group.slac.stanford.edu/hr/t/supervision.html


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