April 1, 2005  


Winter Closure and Running Schedule

As has been the case in the past, SLAC will shut down over the winter holiday period. This year we will shutdown for 12 days from December 22 until January 3. This will require staff to use four days of vacation, PTO or leave without salary to cover the total time off.

In contrast to the last few years, however, the Laboratory has made the decision to run both SPEAR3 and PEP II/BABAR during the shutdown in order to maximize the science. This means that some employees closely associated with the running of the two machines will be required to work during the shutdown. At this time, the exact schedules are unknown, but SPEAR3 will probably run throughout the period except on the designated holidays; PEPII/BABAR is likely to run every day throughout the winter break.

More details on the shutdown and the running schedules will be forthcoming in the early fall or as soon as we are more certain of the facts.

Contact: Lee Lyon, Ext. 2283, lyon@slac.stanford.edu  


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