April 1, 2005


PEP-II Approved for Restart

By Matthew Early Wright

The B Factory has been given permission by the Restart Validation Team (RVT) to resume operations after nearly five months of downtime. During this period, the staff has worked hard to ensure that the restart can proceed safely and efficiently.

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ES&H Safety Tip: Avoiding Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common kinds of accidents at SLAC. Even worse, they are among the most common kinds of accidents causing death or disability.

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Director of Global Design Effort Announced at ILC Workshop

By Heather Rock-Woods

The 2005 International Linear Collider Workshop kicked off March 18 by announcing the director for the newly formed Global Design Effort (GDE) for the proposed electron-positron collider.

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Important Changes in SLAC Safety Training

By Paul Bloom

With everyoneís employee training assessment (ETA) due for update each year by May 1, around this time the ES&H Training team announces changes in the program. And there have been more than usual this year, especially in the last six months.

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