April 1, 2005  


Important Changes in SLAC Safety Training

By Paul Bloom

With everyone’s employee training assessment (ETA) due for update each year by May 1, around this time the ES&H Training team announces changes in the program. And there have been more than usual this year, especially in the last six months.

One change most of you are aware of is that Electrical Safety for Non-electrical Workers (Course 239) has become mandatory for most SLAC workers. This is one example of how the new electrical safety programs are impacting our work at SLAC.

In addition, we are initiating a non-employee safety training program (NESTP). This will impact contracted parties as well as users and students. Under this program, all non-employees will also be required to have an annual training assessment. Since the ETA no longer applies to just employees, the name is changing to the SLAC Training Assessment (STA) to better reflect the growing role of this tool.

The highlights of the 2005 STA are:

• The ETA gets a new name—SLAC Training Assessment (STA).

• Enhancements to the electrical safety training program, including:

Course 239—Electrical Safety for Non-electrical Workers. The name has been changed to General Electrical Safety and is mandatory for all who work at the Lab for more than 60 days in a year and/or work unescorted in industrial areas. There is a refresher requirement every 36 months.

Course 136—Lock and Tag for Affected Employees is now a prerequisite for Course 157—Lock and Tag for the Control of Hazardous Energy. Course 136 will not require refresher training and will be offered by computer-based training only.

Course 157 will continue to require refresher training every 36 months and will be offered by classroom only.

Course 251—Electrical Safety for Research and Development. We are now offering this as a seven-part, computer-based course that you can take at your desktop.

For more information on these and all the new changes to SLAC safety training see:


On-line Registration

Another exciting change beginning March 31 is a new on-line registration tool. This will eventually be a one-stop shop for all SLAC training, showing your STA information and the course catalog. It will allow you to manage training outside of the listed training curriculum, including recording what courses you have taken and handling payments and reimbursements for training and conferences.

For more information on the registration tool, see:


Updating Your STA

The STA, at https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/esh-db/training/slaconly/bin/ETA_ReportAll.asp?opt=6, is intuitive to use and easy to complete, especially since we have streamlined the process. It should take only a few minutes to fill out.

Remember, decisions regarding training should be made using results from the job hazard analysis and mitigation (JHAM) process, which by now you should be familiar with, along with the environmental controls in your area.

Use the Course Catalog

If you have additional questions about what courses are appropriate for your employees, please use our updated course catalog (https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/esh-db/training/slaconly/bin/catalog_index.asp). The catalog answers such questions as who should attend a course, prerequisites, refresher training requirements and options for taking the course (classroom, computer, etc).

Everyone who works at SLAC is required to have an updated STA. It is the responsibility of the supervisor or, in the case of non-employees, the SLAC contact, to ensure that a STA is current for their reports and that the identified training is completed.

Thank you for helping us all work more safely and productively in 2005.


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