April 15, 2005  


Stanford Community Day Features SLAC Einsteins

By Nina Adelman Stolar

Expounding on science and giving life to the Quantum Universe exhibit, scientists—appropriately outfitted in lab coats with white wig, mustache and tie—made a striking appearance on the lawn in front of Hoover Tower. A creative group, our good natured and enthusiastic colleagues generated excitement with magnets and simple machines.

Michael Mazur, in costume,
engages the attention of visiting children.
Photo by Diana Rogers

The shift schedule rotation was fully covered by Mark Allen (EC), Nicolas Berger (EE), Eduardo do Couto e Silva (EK), Tetiana Hryn’ova (EE), Stephanie Majewski (BABAR), Michael Mazur (BABAR), Kevin Schlaufman (KIPAC), Abi Soffer (BABAR), Jorg Stelzer (EE) and Josh Thompson (EC).

Experiments and Demonstrations

Crowds thronged to the demonstration area where Keith Jobe (ILC) whipped up batches of liquid nitrogen ice cream throughout the day. This cool treat on a sunny day never fails to amaze and refresh onlookers. Experiments by Norman Graf (SLD) creatively used Earth’s atmosphere to demonstrate the crushing pressure under which we live, using anything on hand—from soda cans to bowling balls.

The arcade area was staffed by Tom Danis (Palo Alto), Surjeet Rajendran (Stanford Physics Dept.) and Nalini Sundaram (SSRL/LANL). A continuous stream of people crowded around to see how cosmic rays from our natural environment can be detected by a Cloud Chamber.

Special thanks go to Joe Perl (SCS) for the fully equipped, self contained Cloud Chamber, Tom Borden (REG) for procuring chamber material, Denise Larsen (MFD) for the lab coats to clothe our Einsteins, Diana Rogers (DO) for photographing the event and to Terry Anderson (TechPubs), who made the Quantum Universe exhibit dream come true.

Many thanks to capable volunteers Greg Bologoff (BSD), Mika Stratton (EC) and Topher White (COM) for joining up with Barbara Hoddy, Herb McIntye, Todd Ross and Tom Sherry, Jr. (all PAO). From start to finish the team assured that everything was properly stowed, delivered and set up, and the remains of the day whisked back to the Lab before sundown.


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