April 15, 2005  


Taking a New Look at the Public Web Site

By Kathy Bellevin

SLAC is evolving, and our Web site is going to evolve as well with a new initiative to redesign the public site.
This effort will include the Public homepage, many of the public information and visitors pages and a host of other pages around the site.

More that just a new look and feel, the redesign will add new navigational tools and reorganize how information is presented on the homepage. This will help our audience more quickly find important content, and also better showcase many of the initiatives weve recently undertaken.

The new site will also provide new and better information on SLAC events, the public lecture and tour programs, site access, directions and other critical information.

Members from every division are involved in this project, bringing together physicists, Web managers, supervisors and administrative staff to make sure we have many perspectives represented.

We could use your help!

Would you like to get involved in this effort? Wed love to hear your comments, suggestions and opinions. We also need folks to help us test out the new pages as we move toward launch, which is planned to take place in late June.

Please contact Kathy Bellevin, Ext. 2585, kathyb@slac.stanford.edu to volunteer your time.


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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