April 15, 2005  


Attention 'Mobile' and 'Remote' Outlook Users

By Teresa Downey

Do wish you could use Outlook 2003 from off-site?

Do you use Outlook Web Access, but would rather use Outlook 2003?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions and you have Windows XP, you can now use Outlook 2003 from anywhere. Previously, if you wanted to use Outlook to read your SLAC e-mail when you were off-site you would have to start VPN first, but this isn’t necessary anymore. You just have to make a one-time change to your Outlook settings.

We have enabled a new feature in our Exchange 2003 server which allows you to use Outlook 2003 from any network. This option modifies the way Outlook works so that the communication passes over the port normally used for secure web traffic when you are off the SLAC network. But when you are on the SLAC network it will work just as it always has. After making the configuration changes to Outlook, if you can reach the web with your browser, then you can read your e-mail with Outlook 2003.

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